Why Does That Matter?

So, yesterday, we talked about the things that are worth fighting for.    The true foundational beliefs of the church.    The things that make a Christian distinctively Christian.

Today I’m going to give you real life examples of  some of the things that churches fight over.   Things that make you ask the question, “Does that really matter?”

  • The color of the carpet in the sanctuary.
  • Whether to raise the pulpit 2 steps higher so that people can see better from the back seats.
  • Whether to have the worship service at 5:00 or at 5:30.
  • What color should the choir robes be?
  • Can we use the piano or do we have to use the organ?
  • Why isn’t the minister wearing a tie?

Majoring in minors is the phrase that comes to mind.   

The church is spending way too much time, energy and money arguing about things that don’t really matter.

Instead of focusing on loving our neighbors.   Loving the people in our church who are hurting.   Loving the people across the road who are in need.    

Let’s focus on things that matter.    On the One who matters.


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