A Thanksgiving Prayer


This is a messed up world we’re living in.

It’s so messed up that if I told you all of the things that are wrong, we’d be here all night.    Anyway, you know all of the wrong things.

You know about disease, you know about evil, you know about violence, you know about corruption.    It seems like there’s a lot more of it this year than normal.

God, what’s up with that?   Why do things seem so bad right now?

What are you trying to teach us?   And why is it so hard for us to learn?

As those of us in America gather for Thanksgiving tomorrow, help us to be really truly thankful.    Thankful for what matters.

Thankful for the ability to love.

Thankful for the ability to care.

Thankful for the ability to make a difference.

Thankful for the opportunity to sit with someone who is hurting.

Thankful for brothers – even when they drive you nuts.

Thankful for sisters – even if they can occasionally go all DQ on you.

Thankful for parents.   For what they have taught, how they have lived and the difference they have made.  

Thankful for being able to look beyond.   Beyond ourselves and into the world around us – and to reach out and do something to make the world a better place for someone there.

Thankful for small steps forward.   Thankful for small and large signs of Your grace.

God, it’s hard to be thankful when so many things seem so bad right now.    Help us to be thankful for you and the fact that even though we don’t know the answers, we know the One who knows the answers.

Help us to be thankful for the things that really matter.   

And help us to bring those things that really matter to a world that is too focused on evil, too focused on the “things” and not enough on the people.

In your name,


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