Done What?

Psalm 118:24  “The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.”

Done what?

And why this very day?

Why did the Psalmist say, “this very day?”  Did something miraculous happen on that very day?

If you read the entire chapter, I don’t think you’ll find one particular event that is referred to by “it.”

Instead, I think you’ll find a challenge and a blessing.

A challenge – look to see what the Lord has done this very day.     On the day that you are reading this, look to see what God has done.2014-11-05 07.30.23

Tomorrow – look to see what God is doing.

Every day, look around you to see what God is up to.

Be aware of His blessings.   Be aware of the doors that He opens.   Be aware of the people He puts around you.

Look to see God in everything and everywhere.

And then you’ll find what the “it” is.   And every day “it” will be a little bit different.

And every day, for every person, “it” will be a little different.

Because the way God works in you and the way God works in me is different.

And the blessing – the Psalmist is calling us to rejoice in the ways that God is working.

When things are going well, rejoice.

When things are tougher, rejoice.

Rejoice that God is with you.   Rejoice that no matter what happens, you know who’s side you’re on.

Rejoice when you see the big things in life.   Rejoice when you see the small things in life.

Rejoice when you have the opportunity to encourage someone else.

Rejoice when someone else comes alongside you and lifts you up.

God has done it.   He’s done “it” today.   He’s going to do  “it” tomorrow.



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