Social Justice–The Locust Effect

I read a book that changed my life forever.

I couldn’t finish it.    It was too painful to read.

I’m talking about Gary Haugen’s “The Locust Effect.”   locust_effect

As he describes it on his website:

“Uncover the Hidden Plague the World has Missed.”

What plague is that?   It’s the plague of social injustice.   It’s the plague of so many people in our time and our world who do not have a justice system that protects them.   It’s the plague that keeps so many people in poverty.

It’s the plague that creates more and more poverty orphans.    More and more children who don’t get to live with their parents because their parents can’t keep them safe and care for them.

It’s the plague that sent literally over 50,000 children from Central America on foot to the United States (without their parents) because the violence was so bad that they would have been killed otherwise.

Gary Haugen runs International Justice Mission ( IJM Logowhich fights against child trafficking, social injustice, slavery and abuse all over the world.    In his book, “The Locust Effect” he tells story after story of how social injustice has devastating effects on the poor.  

He also tells story  after story of what IJM is doing about it.  

The scope of the problem is massive.

The size of the church is massive.

If the church truly wants to respond to the orphan crisis, it needs to be concerned about social justice.   It needs to stand up for the oppressed, it needs to care for the victims.   It needs to be concerned about human trafficking.    It needs to be concerned about violence and genocide that is happening around the world.    It needs to be concerned about issues of social justice.

It needs to support the work of places like IJM.

That’s part of God’s call to care for the widows and the orphans.


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