The Church and The Economy?

So, let’s follow this line of thinking……

It is estimated that somewhere between 100 million and 125 million of the orphans in the world are “poverty orphans.”

What are poverty orphans?    They are children who are orphans because their biological parents (typically there is only one still around) aren’t able to care for them – strictly because of economic struggles.

So, the birth parents are forced to give up their children for adoption in order for them to have a life.   A life where they can get enough to be able to survive.

The church needs to invest in job creation in the “third world.”    They need to support organizations that are involved in job creation in places like Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti, Guatemala and more.  

The church needs to realize that everything they do to “help” has two ways to be done:

  • With local funds, with local resources and with local jobs – even if it is funded by  the 1st world.
  • With “stuff” that comes in from outside and doesn’t help with job creation, doesn’t help bring funds into the local economy.

Guess which one has a better chance at helping create jobs and enabling people to care for their families?    Yeah, you guessed it.

Here are four ways that the church can help grow the economies that are tough and can enable families to keep their children with them:

  • When you are supporting an organization that is working “in the field,” ask them what they are doing to encourage and create local jobs.   Are they using local staff whenever possible?   Are they bringing in work crews or could they hire local people to meet that need (keep in mind that not all local staff have the skills to do it)?
  • Promote and advocate for organizations that are running export businesses in “those” countries and are creating jobs.    Want an example?   Google “Apparent Project” and you’ll see an example.    They create jobs that enable parents to care for their children.    They create opportunities for people to feed their children.    Rather than buying a necklace at Target, buy jewelry from Uganda or Ethiopia or somewhere that is providing jobs in the 3rd world.
  • Buy coffee – many countries that desperately need jobs to keep families together also make some of the best coffee in the world.  2014-06-09 18.41.41 - Copy
  • Be concerned about organizations that export things to the United States – do they treat their employees fairly?   Are they encouraging and creating additional employment opportunities that are helping keep families together?   Or are they running child labor sweat shops?

Many of the orphans in today’s world are orphans because they are stuck in an economic situation where their parents can’t care for them.   The church needs to do what it can to invest their resources in ways that will help create jobs and improve the economic condition of families who are struggling.

That’s when the church keeps children from becoming orphans.


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