Heavy Lifting

This morning, we had the privilege of hearing a sermon on Isaiah 40:1-12.   If I dare summarize the entire sermon into one sentence, it would be:

“God lays down the highway, he paves the road, he fills in the valleys, all you have to do is move part of the rocks.”

In other words, God does the hard work and we just have to be part of it.   And it doesn’t matter how big or small we think that part is.

We just have to do the part that God calls us to.

And then, we get home and after enjoying a wonderful roast with potatoes and carrots, we read the next one of Ann Voskamp’s devotionals from “Unwrapping Christmas.”

In it, she talked a lot today about John the Baptist – but there was one phrase that really hit me.

“Heavy-Lifting God.”

God does the heavy lifting.

God does the really really tough stuff.

He moves bigger mountains than we ever could.

We just need to let Him.

And then be part of what He’s doing.

God’s got the heavy lifting for us.

Join me in relaxing and enjoying that knowledge.


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