How are You Going To? How are You?

“Use the life you’ve been given to give others life.”   That’s a direct quote from Ann Voskamp’s book of Advent devotions called, “Unwrapping The Greatest Gift.”    I highly recommend it.

Today she tells the story of Esther.   You know Esther, the Jew who was queen – even though very few people knew she was Jewish.

And her Uncle Mordecai – the only family she had.   The Uncle on the outside looking in – helping her, praying for her, giving her advice.

But somehow Big Bad Mr. H has it in for Uncle Mordecai.   If you ask me, I think it’s because Uncle Mordecai made him feel guilty.   Guilty of a lot of things because Big Bad Mr. H was, well, big and bad……

As Ann continues to tell the story,  the Uncle tells Queen Esther,  “Who knows, but God may have put you here for such a time as this.”

Queen Esther had the chance to give others life.   She had the chance to give the entire Jewish population life.

Was she willing to give her life to give others life?

She was.

And she did.

Are we willing?    God’s not necessarily calling all of us to risk our lives the way that Esther did.   He might be.

But He might be calling in other ways.

He might be calling you to give up your nice career to do something that helps the underprivileged.  He might be calling you to step out of your comfort zone.  

He is calling you.    What is He calling you to?

How is that call going to give others life?   

Are you listening?

Really listening?

“Use the life you’ve been given to give others life.”

May it be so.


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