How Should We Respond?

Living in two worlds is an interesting proposition……

On the one hand, I live in a suburb in Michigan – predominantly middle class, predominantly white, predominantly stable and “calm” world.

On the other hand, many of my friends and some of my family (and some of my friends who I consider close enough to be family), aren’t white, have family members who aren’t white, who might not be middle class or who live in areas that aren’t middle class and “stable.”

And how do we respond to the events of recent days in both New York and Missouri given that “composition?”    I want to share a couple of thoughts from the Pastors at Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids.    We had the privilege of attending there yesterday and God used them to speak to  me and mine.

How should we respond?   That is something they are really wrestling with.   On Wednesday night of this week, they are having a prayer and discussion meeting about how to respond.   I’m going to be there to learn more about what my response should be.

How should we respond?    When one of our “brothers in Christ” says that Ferguson was a one time episode?  We should respond as brothers in Christ – how you see Ferguson is not indicative of whether you love God or not.

How should we respond?   When we see Ferguson and New York as indications that the system is more broken than we all hoped it was, what do we do?    What does God call us to do in Micah 6:8?   “Do Justice, Love Mercy and walk humbly with your God.”

How should we respond?   6 Million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.   40 Million Africans were murdered in the slave trade.   How do we respond to this injustice?    How do we respond to centuries of oppression that are still ingrained in many parts of our systems?

A lot more questions than answers.    But it’s obvious that a substantial portion of the black community views the incidents in Ferguson and New York as evidence of a wounded system – not isolated incidents.

How do we respond?    How do we make a difference?    How do we push back against the racist sins of the past and forward into a world where God’s people live side by side the way that He wants us to?

I don’t know.   The answers are few, but I know we need to keep asking the questions.

And I plan on continuing to wrestle with it here.


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