Noah, Seriously?

Genesis 6:22  “Noah did everything God commanded him to do.”

That’s hard – that’s hard even under the best of times.   But think about this……

Noah didn’t live by the ocean.   I don’t know how far away from the ocean he was, but he wasn’t on the shorefront.

God told Noah to build a boat.   A really big boat.     A really really big boat.   A quick search of Wikipedia shows that the 450 ft boat that God wanted Noah to build would be about half as big as today’s big cruise ships.

And he was supposed to do it by hand.

Imagine this  (a conversation between Noah and his neighbor)……

Neighbor strolls by,  “What’s up  Noah?  What are you building?”

“A boat.”

“A boat?   You do remember that you live 10 miles from the ocean and 3 miles from the Jordan River right?”


“Then why are you building it?”

“Because God told me to.”

“Oh really? So God told you to build a boat on dry ground a long way away from water?   Can I get you something to drink?   It’s really hot out here.”

“No thanks.”

Now jump forward 5 years…..

“Hey Noah, does YOUR boat really need to be that long?” 

“Yep, that’s what God told me.”

Now jump forward 20 more years……

“Hey Noah, how long is it going to take for you to build that thing?”

“Don’t know.   As long as it takes.”

“What are you going to do with it when it’s done?”

“God is going to use it to save me and my family from a flood.    A flood that will destroy everything.”

“Even me?”  *Laughs*

“Yes, even you.”

Now jump forward another 50 years…….

“Hey Noah,  my sons have had 32 grand children while you’ve been building that boat.   Aren’t you getting sick of working on that thing?”

“Nope, it’s what God told me to do.”

“So you’ll be done in say another 5 years?”

“Not sure, but sounds about right.”

“Then what happens?”

“Then God sends a flood to destroy everything and every one except for those on the boat.”

“Can I have a ride?  (insert evil sarcastic laugh)”

And then it starts raining. 

The neighbor realizes that Noah and his family aren’t in their house.

And it starts raining even harder.

And that sinking feeling (pun intended) starts to hit the neighbor.   Maybe Noah was telling the truth.

Maybe God did tell Noah to build the boat.

Maybe I had 100 years to listen to Noah talk about God and why God was telling him to build the boat.

Maybe I should have done what God told me to do………

There’s a lot of meaning packed into that verse.   “Noah did everything God commanded him to.”

Do you?

Do I?


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