Waiting–A Season, A Time, A State of Mind

Psalm 130:5  “I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope.”

Waiting – it’s a season.   The season of Advent.   We’re waiting for Christmas.   We’re waiting for the experience of celebrating what God has done for us.

Waiting – it’s a time.    Waiting for the kids to come home.   Waiting for graduation.    Waiting for retirement.   Waiting for the plane to come.    Waiting for winter.    Waiting for summer.    Waiting for plans to materialize.    Waiting for doors to open.Clock

Waiting – it’s a state of mind.    A state of mind that says, “I know God is at work.”

I know God has a plan.   

I know His plan is good.

I don’t know what His plan is.  

I don’t even know what “good” means.

Americans don’t like to wait.    They are a “me first” “I want mine NOW” society.

That doesn’t mix well with what God often says.

He made Moses wait 40 years tending sheep in the desert.

He made Abraham and Sarah wait almost 100 years before they had a child.

He anointed David King and then made him wait a LONG time and endure a LOT of trials before he became king.

So we wait.   We wait for Christmas.

But we wait for many other things.

How do we deal with the wait?  How did Moses deal with the wait?   Do you think he was restless and grumpy and failed to find God’s will in his time in Midian?

I don’t know, the Bible doesn’t tell us.  

Waiting isn’t easy.   

Waiting isn’t cheap – sometimes waiting for God and His plan is very difficult and challenging and costly.

But learning to wait for the Lord, learning to wait for His plans is a deeply fulfilling way to be.

Rest in the Lord.

Know that He has a plan.    He’s got it all figured out.

Spend time looking to see what God’s up to.

And follow it.

And while you wait, don’t forget to look up.  

Look up at Jesus.   Look for Him, even in the small and the seemingly insignificant.

Look for Him in the lonely.   The sad, the sorrow filled, the sick, the troubled.

And look around you.   Appreciate the beauty of what God has given you.

Waiting is hard.

Seeing God’s plan is hard.

But when you wait for the Lord, it’s good.

It’s oh so good.

Because you know it’s coming…….


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