What’s the Problem?

What’s the problem?

Why are you mad?

Why won’t you talk about it?

What happened?

Why aren’t you listening to me?

Why can’t I hear you?

What does God say?

Why can you and I both be listening to God and come up with different answers?

This life, it isn’t easy.    There’s so much static and so much noise that gets in the way of life.   

There’s so much that drowns out the true meaning and the true direction of life.

We’re afraid.    We don’t want people to be mad at us.

We don’t want to stand out from the crowd.    It’s lonely.  

Lonely in the crowd and lonely when we take a stand.

Which is more important?

To take a stand or to be liked?

To follow your heart or to fit in?

To be true to yourself or to be true to an organization or a church?

To be true to what you hear God saying or to be true to the “easy” line?

Not easy questions.   Not easy times to have to wrestle with questions.   

And the church is a tough place to have to wrestle……..

Wrestling isn’t fun.    But it’s important.   If we don’t wrestle with the questions, we won’t be able to determine what God’s will is.

And what is noise from that bad guy, Satan.

And what’s just human static that’s getting in the way.

May we all spend time this Christmas season seeking God’s will, taking the time to share both our time but also our hearts with those who matter to us.

And may those who matter take that portion of our hearts that we give them and treasure it, keep it safe and value it.

That’s when we’ll see unity. 

That’s when we’ll all feel valued.

That’s when God’s will is done – even if it’s not the way we think it might be…….


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