Are You? Am I?

Matthew 11:15 – “Are you listening to me? Really listening?”

in some ways, I’m taking this passage out of context, but in other ways not.   Jesus is talking to the crowd around him about John the Baptist.   He is talking to them about their expectations and the reality of who John the Baptist is and how he is the fulfillment of many prophecies in the Old Testament.

And then He stops and says,  “Are you listening to me?   Really listening?”

In other words, I’m telling you something very important, are you paying attention?

How often does God say that to you?   And how often are we only half way paying attention?

Huh?   Oh, yeah.

Wait, what did you say?

Oh look, squirrel!

God is speaking to us – every day.    Sometimes in a very loud voice, some times in a quiet voice.

Are we listening?

Or do we let the busyness and the chaos of this world get in the way?

Or do we let the noise of constant communications and constant “buzz” get in the way?

Jesus is asking us if we are really listening.

I hope we are.   Because if we are, it’s going to be an amazing ride that we’ll be on…….


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