Thoughts on Having A Birthday……

So, on the morning that marks a half century since the world first heard me cry, I thought I’d share a few thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain about birthdays, people and more……

I’ve heard it said that “50 is the new 40” and as my dad is three months from turning 78 and still working almost full time, I would tend to agree with that.

Having teenagers in the house when you are 50 makes you a lot younger than if we had been empty nesters for a number of years already.

Having teenagers in the house when you are 50 makes you feel a lot older.

This last lap around the sun went no where close to the way I thought it would.   But it was a process and I ended up being good with it.   God’s got a plan.

Every year in life is full of successes and failures.   Things that go the way you think and things that don’t.   That isn’t nearly as important as I used to think it was.

Life is a journey – and while I know my ultimate destination (and I hope you do too), I don’t know the route of how I’m going to get there.   But I know who controls the maps.

Life with your best friend, your best friend since high school makes living a whole lot sweeter.  Being married to my best friend is a gift from God.

You can’t solve all of life’s problems, but you can solve a lot of them by just listening to someone who needs to be heard.

I never thought I’d be an author – and now I can’t find enough time to tell the stories that I want to tell.   My first book published on Amazon on my birthday…….

What I thought was important 15 years ago pales in comparison to what really matters today.

I still like chocolate chip cookies way too much.

15 years ago, my “job” was to help people buy houses (by getting them thousands and thousands of dollars in debt.)    Now, I’m spending more time helping people parent children who are struggling because of their past.   (More on that later).

The devil is causing way too much pain in this world.    We can fight back by attempting to make that pain go away.

When we were at the Ronald McDonald House at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital last April, a volunteer told me, “You look at every single one of these families, every single one of them has a child who is sick, has a medical condition, is dealing with a medical challenge.

And every single one of them says, ‘It could be a lot worse.   We have a lot to be grateful for.’”

We have a lot to be grateful for.    I have a lot to be grateful for.

God is good.   All the time.


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