Wouldn’t Life Be Simpler?

So, I just finished reading Genesis 24 and the story of Abraham’s servant going back to Abraham’s homeland to find a wife for Isaac.    A couple of things struck me about it…….

Life would be a whole lot simpler if God answered prayer the way that He did there.    You know, kneel down at the well, pray for the right girl to come along and for a sign and BAM!  There she is.

Wouldn’t life be simpler if God answered our prayers that way?

I’ve heard it said,  “You’d want what He (God) wants if you knew what He knew.”

Maybe that’s part of the reason our prayer life isn’t so simple?

Maybe that’s part of the reason why we don’t get those type of simple answers and immediate answers to our prayers?

Oh and I know this is only one of Abraham’s prayers.    Any guesses on how many years Abraham and Sarah prayed for a baby before they had Isaac?

If they got married in their 20’s, they prayed for 80 years or so.

Have you prayed for 80 years for anything?

I haven’t.

So, it would be simpler, but God doesn’t want simpler – he wants better.    And what’s better?

Trust, patience, faith and love.

Harder but better……


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