Good Quiet People

There’s a lot of press lately about some really bad things that some people are doing.    And really bad doesn’t even do it justice.    And it is generating a lot fo attention – attention in the news, attention online and attention at a variety of levels in government.

It’s good that the people who can do something about it are giving the evil the attention that it deserves and are working on solutions.   Hats off to the military forces of a number of countries who are working towards peace and protection of the innocent in the Middle East and around the world.

There’s another side to the story.    There are people out there, good people, doing good things and doing them quietly.    There’s a guy in New York who decided to start taking pictures and telling stories – and recently totally changed the lives of hundreds of kids at an inner-city school.

There’s the college student who heard the story about the guy who was walking 21 miles a day to work because he didn’t have a car – and raised enough money to buy him a car.

There’s the woman from Kentucky who went to Haiti to teach some ladies how to can mango jam so they can make money and afford to keep their kids out of an orphanage.

There’s the high school student from Holland Michigan who is raising money to help support kids from her birth city of Addis Abba Ethiopia.

There’s the medical team from Grand Rapids Michigan that is going to Haiti to provide much needed medical care that isn’t affordable or available otherwise.

There’s the……..

There’s the…….

I could go on and on but I want you to remember one thing with this.   Yes, there is a lot of evil in this world – but there is a lot of good too.    A lot of people are working, often very quietly, to make a difference.

And it’s working.   Little by little.

One person at a time.

And there’s a lot to do yet – so we could use your help.

Are you in?