It’s a study in contrasts.

Michigan weather, that is.  Especially Michigan weather in the winter.

It’s beautiful and white and clean.

And it’s cold and unforgiving and harsh.

It celebrates the beauty in God’s world by coating it with dazzling white.

And it hides the sun from us for weeks or more at a time.

It provides hours of entertainment for many – just look at the sliding hill a half mile from my house.

And it keeps many others inside for hours and days on end because of the temperatures, the slippery conditions and the difficulty of driving.

It provides a living for many – I have friends who run snow plow businesses and friends who run body shops.

It also is very expensive for others.   And even dangerous.

So, what’s my point?

Michigan weather is in many ways a metaphor of what life is like as a Christian.

Parts are enjoyable and beautiful and encouraging.

Parts are painful and difficult and just plain hard.

But just like God said to Noah that the seasons will always follow one another, we know that winter and its challenges won’t last.

And just like God said through Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you – plans to prosper you……” We know that God has “this” and has a plan for whatever it is to help you through it.

Winter (at least here in Michigan) won’t last forever – just like God promises that His plans for us are good.

Even in tough times, we can know that God’s got this all in his plan.


P.S. I am very well aware that this analogy/metaphor breaks down for my friends in Hawaii or SanDiego or  northern Canada.    My best “guess” is that God has other ways of reminding them that He has a plan…….