So What? Part 3 of 3 – The Other Side of the Opportunity

In addition to my work with adoptive families (see Part 2), I also intend to remain very involved in working on behalf of children who have not “crossed over” the trauma of being abandoned and then adopted.   Depending on which statistics you look at, let’s just say that a substantial portion of the “orphans” in the world wouldn’t have to be orphans.

They wouldn’t have to be orphans if their birth parents had adequate health care.

They wouldn’t have to be orphans if their birth parents could afford to feed them.

They wouldn’t have to be orphans if their birth parents had help during a rough period in their lives.

They wouldn’t…….

There are many reasons besides for the death of one or more birth parent that children become “orphans” and end up in either an institution or in foster care.

Some of those reasons are preventable.

Some of them are not.

But there needs to be more work done to keep those children with their families whenever possible.

And that’s Part 3.

Is Part 3 going to be affiliated with one particular organization?    Most likely not.    At least not exclusively and not long term – that’s the plan.

But this isn’t really my plan – it’s God’s plan.

So what do I see this looking like?

A couple of main components as I see it:

  • Education – there will be a lot of writing and such that will hopefully open a lot of eyes to the challenges of the doing the “right” thing – even when the “right” thing isn’t the easy thing.
  • Short term definable goals – to help certain organizations with definable objectives
  • Orphan prevention – doing “things” that keep families together.
  • Information – knowing the facts often helps people make better decisions.

Originally my plan had been to do a lot of that over at The Vulnerable Project.     However given the current dynamics, my work with AFSN and such – it’s all going to be written here at

There are things that need to be said and done working on “that side” of the equation that aren’t being said.   By not being affiliated with any one organization on a long term basis, that gives me the freedom to be me, to say what I believe and to follow the thoughts and ideas that I feel need to be followed.

So, how is this going to be “funded?”   I’m hoping through three different avenues:

  1. Book sales – right now I’ve got one book written – you can find it at “The Church” on Amazon.
  2. Donations to the Tip Jar – scroll down on the right side.   If you like what I’m doing, I certainly wouldn’t object to you putting $5 or whatever in there every now and then.
  3. Affiliate links – I will be setting up a system of affiliate links.   What are affiliate links?   They are links where if you use that, I make a few bucks off it.

I hope you’ll join me, I hope you’ll spread the word.   Between Part 2 and Part 3, it’s going to be a lot of work – but nothing good ever comes easy.



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