“Unbreak” the Broken

Kids in foster care.    Time and time again.

Parents struggling to provide help for their wounded children.


Disease that is easily treatable in the first world and fatal in the third world.

Unreliable or unavailable medical care.


Systems that are supposed to help but don’t.

Safety nets with big holes in them.

Parents with big hearts.   With broken hearts.

A failure to understand.


Alcohol during pregnancy = Fetal Alcohol Syndrome = a lifetime of problems.

Domestic violence.

Early Childhood Trauma

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Complexities beyond complexities.

Voodoo and cultural challenges that fly in the face of actual medical science.

A refusal to be open about mental and emotional illness.

It’s broken.

It’s all broken.

How do we “unbreak” the broken?   A couple of thoughts……

No one can do it alone.   There are too many areas where there is brokenness for one person, one organization to do it alone.

But everyone can do something.

I know a lady who is walking with the teenage moms in her community helping them feel loved, feel supported and make strong choices for them and their babies.

I know a lady who has devoted her life to helping malnourished children in Haiti.

I know a couple who gave up everything and moved to Africa for probably the roughest two years of their lives – because of the kids who needed help.

I know a guy who teaches in an inner city school – because the children there need a male role model.

I know a banker who left banking to spend his life working on behalf of children from hard places.

I know many other people who are committed to making a difference.

They are committed to helping unbreak the broken.

It’s a huge job – but if everyone can pick an area of “the broken” and work and struggle and pray about that, then together we can make a difference.

I see too many children and families who are hurt because of “the broken.”

I see too many systems and bureaucracies that get in the way and hurt “the broken.”

But they But we can’t do it without your help.   Without your willingness to:

  • Pray – pray that God will bless the efforts to “unbreak the broken.”
  • Support – find a cause or an effort that you can support and get behind it.    Support it with your time, support it with your efforts, support it with your social media – help spread the word.
  • Think big.   Think big enough to not only make a difference for that one or a little of this problem – but instead think big enough to say,  “How can we get rid of that problem?”    “How can we solve that problem for 500 people not just for 5?
  • Think God sized – if you’re thinking that what you’re going to do is something that you can do, then you aren’t thinking big enough.   Noah built a boat that made absolutely no sense.   Moses led the Israelis out of Egypt with a speech problem.    God can use normal everyday ordinary people to make a difference.

There’s no denying it.   There’s a lot of brokenness in the world.

I’m not satisfied with accepting that – and I hope you aren’t either.




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