Of Nepal, Haiti and Choices

This past week has been a time of very unpleasant flashbacks.

Reading stories online of friends of friends sleeping in their cars in Nepal because they don’t trust their houses.

Hearing about friends of friends who are working in Nepal and are running out of water.

Knowing there are churches near the epicenter of the quake where no one has been able to make contact with them yet.

It seems a lot like January, 2010 in Haiti.    And I don’t like that feeling.

It gives me a knot in my stomach – maybe that’s why I’ve lost weight this last week?

And then I got to thinking about the people there – they don’t have a choice.   They were where they were because God put them there at that time.    Whether it’s because they were born there, or they came to study or to serve or to climb a mountain, they were there when the disaster hit.    They had no choice.

We have a choice.    We actually have three choices:

  • We can turn a blind eye and do nothing.   
  • We can randomly  support an organization that sounds like they are good without really knowing about them.
  • We can do some research, ask some questions and support someone wisely.

But I want to tell you about some other people I’ve gotten to know a little bit.    They are people who have made some not so good choices, they have struggled and they have had challenges.    Challenges that most of us could never relate to.

Some might say, “They made bad choices, they need to face the consequences.”   

I agree.   But I also believe that God never intended us to face the consequences of our bad choices alone.    He’s always there with us and He puts people in our lives who are there to walk  beside us, to help us get back up and to make our path easier.

There’s a friend of mine who is doing that.    She’s working with teen moms, many of whom have made bad choices, and she’s saying,  “I don’t care.”

“I don’t care about the choices you’ve made in the past.   You and your child need Grace and this is Grace’s Table.   So pull up a seat and let’s walk this road together.”


Keeping young moms out of even worse places and helping them get their lives back on track.

And helping them keep and be a good mom to their child.

Keeping these kids out of foster care and out of the trauma and abuse and neglect that happens so often to children who can’t be parented by their mom.

She’s making it happen.   Day by day and child by child.

They are kicking off a new program and a big push to impact even more moms and babies.    I’ll have more in the next few days.

Until then, remember, God gives us choices and He also calls us to give second chances to those who have made bad choices.

And welcome them to Grace’s Table.

Stay tuned,


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