The Day After The Life Before……

It’s Monday.    But not just any Monday.

It’s the Monday after.   After Easter.

So what? 

That’s the question.    Yesterday we celebrated that we have new life.   We are no longer in debt to our life of sin and struggle.   We are free.

But today, we wake up to another day.

It feels like the same old ordinary day, but it’s different.

It’s the day after the life before.

The day after everything changed.

So what?

So, what we thought mattered doesn’t matter any more.

So, what matters is what Jesus said and what He did.

And that changes everything.

Our views on who we are must change.

Our views on what really matters must change.

Our views on those who are “different” from us must change.

Our views on how to show God’s love to the “least of these” must change.

Yesterday was Easter.

Today is the day after the Life “Before.”

Before God rescued us.

Before we truly experienced grace.

Let’s make sure that we live the day after the life before and the life after the life “before” differently.

Care more deeply.

Love more freely.

Speak more kindly.

Help more openly.

Pray more often.

God changed the world when He gave us Easter.

As a token of our gratitude, let’s go change the world for Him.


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