An Open Letter to Those Who Write Open Letters

Dear Writer,

You know who you are.   You spend countless hours on the computer……

Pouring out your soul.

Raising hard questions.

Poking at the comfortable realities of middle class life.

Forcing yourself and others to look at the hard questions.

The uncomfortable realities.

The inconsistencies.

The biases.

It’s hard to write those things.  

It takes a lot of energy.

it takes a lot of soul power to hit the “send” button.

Sometimes you hear nothing but crickets when you put it out there.   And then you wonder, are people reading?   Are they listening?

Sometimes you get positive feedback.

Sometimes you get attacked.   And it hurts.

But we hear you.  

And quite often, we don’t like to hear you. 

Because you’re making us think hard about questions we want to ignore.

You’re making us look at things we thought were good and seeing the “other” side of them.

You’re making us uncomfortable.

You’re showing us the pain that others are feeling.   And we don’t like that.

You’re making us look at the neighbor across the street and the neighbor across the ocean.

You’re making us look at things like family and church and sexual orientation in ways we never wanted to before.

So,  writer of the open letter, we hear you.

We don’t like to hear you, but we hear you.

And deep down inside, we know we need to hear you.

So keep hitting that “send” button.

And stay strong and true to  your beliefs.


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