Do you like coffee?

For the last few months, I’ve essentially put The Vulnerable Project on hold.   What is the Vulnerable Project?   It’s an effort to help those who are vulnerable by helping organizations who truly make a difference.

One of the things that The Vulnerable Project has done is sell coffee.   This coffee is grown in Haiti, it’s purchased directly from the coffee growers at a substantially better (higher) price than the big coffee makers pay.   It allows the coffee farmers an opportunity to make a “decent” (Haitian decent, not US decent) wage.

Since my work with The Adoptive Family Support Network has switched the majority of my efforts to helping adoptive families, I haven’t done much with The Vulnerable Project.    But I’ve had a number of people ask me lately if they could get more of that really good Haitian coffee.

To quote one avid coffee drinker,  “Where has this stuff been all my life?”

I contacted the people who are exporting the coffee and they are running low but we should be able to place an order and still get some rather soon.    Once their current order is done, they don’t know the exact timing of the next order.

So, if you want some wonderful Haitian coffee and you want to help some people in Haiti be able to afford to feed their families, here’s the details:

  • Each bag is $12 for a 12 oz bag.   I believe they have enough that’s ground and that is whole bean but I can’t guarantee that.
  • It’s first come first serve – so if we run out, the orders placed first will be filled first.
  • To place an order, see that little “Contact me” form on the right side of the blog at   Fill that out with your name, contact info, how many bags of coffee you want and your address.   If you live in West Michigan, I’m sure we can arrange delivery.   If you are outside of West Michigan, I’ll ship it and contact you about shipping costs.
  • All orders that are delivered will need to be paid for at the time of delivery (or pick up).   Shipped orders will need to be paid for via Paypal – we’ll coordinate those details at that time.
  • All orders must be placed by next Friday evening, May 8 at midnight Eastern Time.

I was told they “should have enough” and “they don’t know for sure when the next shipment will arrive.”  So, my recommendation – don’t just buy enough coffee to get you through the next month or so.    Buy enough coffee now to last so that if it’s 6 months until they get the next shipment in, you’re not in a caffeine shortage.

Oh and remember, this is really good, I mean really good Haitian coffee.   Not only are you giving yourself a coffee “bonus” by drinking Haitian coffee but you are also helping people in Haiti keep their families together.

Any questions, hit up the “contact me” form and let’s talk.   If you know anyone who runs a coffee shop and wants to try some, send them over and urge them to buy some and see what their clientele thinks.

Thanks for drinking really good coffee.

Thanks for caring about those who are struggling, those who are vulnerable.



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