Does the Devil Know Your Name?

So, I was listening to a podcast from one of my favorite remote churches to listen to by podcast.   The name of the church is Austin Stone and it’s in, surprise, Austin Texas.

The minister (and I don’t remember which one) preached a sermon on Spiritual Warfare and how it’s misunderstood in many ways.    It was a very good sermon and one that made me think about a lot of things relating to being a Christian and what that means.

One thing that the minister said that really stuck with me was this:

“Does the Devil know your name?”

His question actually made two points:

  • If you are living a comfortable “middle class” American life, the Devil probably doesn’t know your name.   He doesn’t have to.   You don’t matter to him.    All he is focused on is the complete and utter destruction of the Christ followers and your mediocreness (how’s that for a word?) doesn’t matter to him.   When it comes to the success of the kingdom (either the kingdom of evil or the kingdom of God) you don’t matter.   Ouch.
  • If you are living the way Christ wants you to.   If you are truly open and honest and sold out to doing whatever God calls you to.   If you love God and care for others because, as Bob Goff so eloquently says,  “Love Does,” then you  can be confident that Satan knows your name.

Satan knows your name because he considers you a threat.

Satan knows your name because he knows that you are sold out to God and are his enemy.

Satan knows your name because he knows that every day, when your feet hit the floor, you’re saying, “Okay, God.   What’s up?”

And that scares him.   And when Satan gets scared, he gets mad.

That’s a good thing.

So, back to our original question – “Does Satan know your name?”

If not, what can you do so that he notices you?


P.S. If you want to listen to Austin Stone’s podcasts, they are available on iTunes.

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