It’s Messy

There’s mud on the floor.

Not just in one spot, but spread throughout the house.

There are dead leaves from over the winter that blew into the garage and got tracked into the house.

There are so many shoes in the mud room, it’s not possible to walk neatly through them.

Smudges on the doors.

Dog nose prints on the windows.

Scratches on the door where the dog wants to get out.

Crumbs on the table.

Dishes in the sink.

You get the picture, right?

But when we walk into the dining room, what do we see?

We see a table with people relaxed around it.   Dinner dishes are still there, though dinner is long since gone.

But no one moves.   No one rushes to get up.

They sit, they talk, they share.

They share life.   And life is messy.

It’s messy and it’s painful and it’s hard to navigate.

Especially when you are trying to help someone else. 

Whether that someone is family, friends, neighbors or someone you don’t know but want to help.

It’s messy.    It’s hard to measure.   It’s hard to quantify.

But it’s love.   It’s love the way God want it.   It’s love the way  He gives it to us.

Life is messy, life is painful – but God tells us, don’t worry about the messy.

It will all get cleaned up eventually – and now we need to focus on what really matters.

The child with the skinned knee.

The teen who is feeling alone and battling depression.

The parent who is questioning their parenting skills as their kids struggle.

The homeless down in the inner city.

Those who have lost hope due to feeling like the “system” is stacked against them.

The teen mom who got kicked out of her parent’s house when they found out she got pregnant.

The kids in foster care.

The parents who aren’t sure they can hang on and keep their kids.

Those who are working to help them keep their kids.

It’s messy.

But in the end, maybe not in our lifetimes here on earth, but in the end,

God will make all things beautiful.

1 thought on “It’s Messy

  1. Kristy Van Wyhe

    That is beautifully said! I think it is the messy and the hard that makes the good that much better. Thank you for this…


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