The “Vanderwell Rule of 50%”

As we as a world, as a church and as fellow believers wrestle with a variety of really tough issues, I believe that it’s important to run anyone and everyone’s opinions and statements through “The Vanderwell Rule of 50%.”

What’s that?  Take any statement that someone makes, reduce it by 50% and if it still sounds reasonable then it’s probably valid.  

“The War on Poverty is responsible for making racism worse?”    Okay, look at it, if you said that the “War on Poverty” and the creation of the welfare state “had an impact” on the health of the families of color in our country, would that be a true statement?

“Democrats are responsible for all of the racist programs that the government has implemented.”    Seriously, do we even need to discuss this one?   

All Christians think the Duggars are _________.   Nope, not going to touch that one other than to say that any sort of abuse is wrong.    But saying that all Christians think…….?    

I could go on with literally 1000s (okay, apply that rule and make it 100’s of examples.   But I hope you get the point.

When someone says something, makes a blanket statement about an issue, claims that everyone thinks this, or everyone knows that, apply the Vanderwell rule of 50%.

If what they said about the impact of the welfare state on the family structure of people of color was onbly half true, would it still be an issue?

If so, then it’s probably worth considering.

But if you reduce it by 50% and it’s still totally out of the realm of reality, then it’s probably safe to say that it’s that person’s opinion but not necessarily fact.

There are a lot of tough issues right now, ISIS, human trafficking, corrupt adoption practices, rampant child abuse, governmnent corruption, political maneuvering for personal gain.

Let’s not let things slide that God calls us to care about, but let’s also make sure we’re getting “worked up”

 about the things that need us to be worked up about.

*breathe in……. breathe out*