Baltimore Ferguson ISIS Nigeria Boko Haram The Dominican Republic's government's persecution of Haitians Charleston The Confederate Flag  Civil War History And then Ann Voskamp posts a question on Facebook,  "One thing you wish was different these days in church?"In  8 hours, she's had 884 comments.  People, there is a LOT of bad stuff going on … Continue reading Words?

Transracial Adoptive Parents–Reluctant Revolutionaries?

Transracial adoptive parents are reluctant revolutionaries? Seriously?   According to an article I read that was written by an African American man, yes, transracial adoptive parents are revolutionaries. Why? Because they are living what our country needs. They are demonstrating, on a daily basis, what the country should be doing. And what is that? Making race … Continue reading Transracial Adoptive Parents–Reluctant Revolutionaries?