Transracial Adoptive Parents–Reluctant Revolutionaries?

Transracial adoptive parents are reluctant revolutionaries?


According to an article I read that was written by an African American man, yes, transracial adoptive parents are revolutionaries.


Because they are living what our country needs.

They are demonstrating, on a daily basis, what the country should be doing.

And what is that?

Making race “indifferent.”

Now I didn’t say ignoring race.   I didn’t say being colorblind.    I believe that colorblind is actually racist.

If you say you are colorblind, you are ignoring the racial make up of a person and saying that being Korean or Haitian or Colombian or Ugandan or African American is not important.   You’re saying that an important part of who someone is, their nationality, is not worth paying attention to.

This African American writer made a point that “colorblind” isn’t what our country needs.   What our country needs is for people to be “color indifferent.”

What does “color indifferent” mean?   It means that we acknowledge the differences, we don’t ignore the differences, but the differences don’t prevent everyone from being on equal footing.

In a family, the tall kid and the short kid get treated the same.

In a family, the skinny kid and the slightly overweight kid get treated the same.

In a family, the child with brown eyes and the child with blue eyes get treated the same.

In a family…….

You get the picture.   Physical differences don’t make a difference in how a family treats each member of the family.

And that’s where transracial adoptive parents are revolutionaries.  

Every day, transracial families are living a life of racial indifference.

Every day, transracial families are saying, we won’t ignore race, we won’t ignore color, we won’t ignore culture.

But we won’t let race impact the way we treat our family members.   We will continue to push and fight and embrace our entire family.

That’s a revolution.   That’s a change that will make the world a better place.  

Transracial Adoptive Families – reluctant revolutionaries.

Yeah, I think that might just be the ticket……


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