5 Questions Adoptive Parents Wish You Would Ask…….

Yesterday, I wrote about 5 Questions Adoptive Parents Don’t Want You to Ask.

I was working on the alternate version – 5 questions adoptive parent WANT you to ask.      That’s a lot harder and bigger question.

So, I’m going to turn it into 5 different blog posts and they will each address a certain “group” of people in an adoptive family’s life.   The plan is to do them for:

  • Extended Family
  • Family Friends
  • Co-workers and acquaintances
  • Church leaders and church members (so if that’s not a part of your life or makes you uncomfortable, you might want to skip #4)
  • The guy in the grocery store.  

Why am I dragging it out into 5 separate posts?

Because in order to ask a “good question” of an adoptive parent, it takes more thinking and more acknowledging what you do know and what you don’t know.

Because the “good questions” are a lot more rare than the bad ones.

Because in order to help rather than hurt, questions need to be asked in an understanding way.    That takes time.

I hope to have the first one up later today.

I hope you find them meaningful and enjoyable.   


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