That’s the question.

But that’s not the only question.   That’s actually only part of the question.

Why what?

Why is the earth round?

Why do the Chicago Cubs consistently struggle?

No, I’m thinking a lot closer to home. 

A lot closer to daily life.

Why do I write?   Why do I write about what I write about?

Two questions.   Related issues……

Why do I write?   It reminds me a lot of a story my dad has told me.   He was a young boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old, and he was working with my grandpa on a Saturday.    They were working in the garage and in the yard.   And my dad had a LOT of questions about everything.

Questions that he kept asking my grandpa at the rate of about 3 every 2 minutes with barely time to answer them in between.  

My grandpa was a very calm and patient man.   Most of the time.   That day wasn’t one of those times.

He reached his limit and turned to my dad and said,  “Howard, why do you ask questions all of the time?”

My dad looked at him and said, very simply, “Because I have questions!”

And what do you do with questions?   You ask them.

What do you do with words?   You either say them or you write them.

What do you do with things you’ve learned?   You either share them or no one benefits from your experiences.

What do you do with feelings?  You share them by either saying them or writing them.

That’s why I write.  I write because I have words, I have questions, I have opinions, I have experiences and I want to urge more people to think about these things, to wrestle with these things, to help me think about these things.

And for all of us to be in a better place because we’ve brought them up, we’ve wrestled with them, we’ve thought, we’ve planned and and we’ve worked through the ideas and the thoughts.

I don’t write because I think I know it all.   Hah, my brothers taught me a LONG time ago that I don’t know everything.

I write because I feel passionately about certain things.    Certain things that have impacted me and my family.

Certain things that I feel I can’t be quiet about.

Children who have been harmed.

Injustice in this world.

The Church and the good and the bad.

Spiritual Warfare.

These are why I write and what I care about.    I don’t believe that God wants any of us to be silent about the things we see and feel strongly about.

That’s why I write – and I thank you for being part of those who read it.