Dad……  Are you listening?

Dad, can you hear me?    Are you paying attention?

Yes, son, I’m listening.

Why Dad?

Why does Planned Parenthood do those type of things?

Why does our government support and pay Planned Parenthood to do those type of things?

Why?   Why does this ISIS thing do such awful things and then video tape them?  It’s like they are proud of them.   Why do they hate us so much?

Why, Dad?   Why does a country like the Dominican Republic hate its neighbors so much that it takes away their citizenship?   Isn’t that sort of like the first step in what Nazi Germany did?

Dad, why do people abuse kids?   Why do people open up orphanages and then not care for the kids?

Why does the church argue so much?   Why do they have such a hard time with people who don’t agree with them?

Why do teenagers who are “gay” commit suicide at a rate over 8 times more than what teenagers who are attracted to the opposite sex do?   

Why do many white people still not treat black people as equals?

Dad, are you still listening?   I’ve got a few more questions.

Why, Dad, why do children have to suffer at the hands of the people who are supposed to care for them?

Why has this thing they used to call government turned into a mockery, a fight, a “lie fest” and a place where the truth doesn’t matter?

Why is a casino owner running for president?   Dad?

Why do 13 year olds die in car crashes because someone was eating a sandwhich?

Dad, I don’t understand.   Why are these things happening?   Why is our world so messed up?


Son, the world is at war.   It’s not just the war that you can see with those people called ISIS and others.   The world is at war between us and the devil.   It’s a big war, it’s a painful war. 

We know who will win.   We  know the final outcome.

The rest, I will tell you when you join me in the room that I’ve prepared for you.  Until then, lean on me and I will be all you need.

Until you come home and all will be made clear.

Thanks, Dad