Pieces and Parts of God’s Plan

I’ve thought and struggled a lot over the last couple of years – even longer – with the whole idea of God’s plan.

Knowing He has a plan.   But knowing I can’t see it.

Trusting that He’s behind all of the moving parts – but not understanding the direction of those parts.

Wondering what is the work of the devil and what is God moving and saying, “Trust me, I’ve got this.”

The earthquake in Haiti.

A change in careers.

An ending of a position.

Medical concerns.

Questions, questions and more questions.

And the only consistent answer is “Trust Me.”

Don’t trust yourself, don’t trust your brother, don’t trust your minister (well, you know what I mean).

Trust ME.

I heard it said that God will often only show you 6 inches of the path at a time.   He does that to know that we are indeed trusting Him.  He does that because we’d probably be scared out of our minds if we could see further.

It happens, though, that there are times where God says, “Turn around.  Look where I’ve been.    Look how I’ve worked and orchestrated and planned.   See how I got you to this place?”

God did that today.   He gave me an opportunity to turn around and look backwards.

And I saw it.

I saw IT.

I saw the way that He’s been working and moving in many different pieces and parts over the last number of years.   

And suddenly, many of them make sense.   And there is great peace in that.

Great peace in knowing that “Trust ME” works.

As I turn around and look forward again, I still can’t see more than 6 inches ahead.  Because many of them that make sense looking back don’t make sense looking forward yet.

I don’t what His plan is.    But I know that just as He planned before, He still is.

And as I move forward 6 inches at a time, I know that “God’s got this.”

Because I saw today how God had “that” and “that” and “the other thing” too.

And that brings Peace Like a River.

God’s got this.