Stuff That Needs to be Said

I borrowed that line from John Pavolvitz.   John is a pastor and writer ( who has spoken to my heart and soul many many times in the last year or so (since I discovered him).

The tag line on his blog is “Stuff That Needs To Be Said.”   And he’s not afraid of tackling the tough issues.   The issues that hurt, the issues that divide us.

The issues that this country seems to be torn apart or at least tearing apart over.

Many of the issues that John writes about resonate deeply with me.   Some of them are outside of my realm of experience and so they don’t hit quite as hard.  And that’s okay.

But there are many things that I feel that way about.   Stuff that needs to be said……

About Church and The Church (check out The Church some time).

About adoption, abortion, Planned Parenthood and what it really means to be pro-life.

About racism.

About orphan prevention.

About supporting adoptive parents and their children.

About terrorism and human trafficking.

About corruption and mismanagement in government, in non-profits, in “big business.”

About the need for recovery meetings.

How to say it all?

How to even start?

I don’t know but I know it is stuff that needs to be said.

So stay tuned.


P.S. If the blog has been kind of quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been working on some longer term type of things.   Thanks for your patience.