“But There is hope……” by Naomi–Part 5

But there is hope:

My God comes and will not be silent,

but proclaims justice for the oppressed

and restores order through reconciliation

and I am one of his agents

Like Bonhoeffer I exhort,

Who of you realizes

That to speak up for those who cannot

Is the least that God calls us to?

God, the heart of compassion,

calls on us to care

And I care

My heart aches

Maybe there isn’t a 5-step solution

It isn’t always clean-cut to make restitution

No, it is heart-wrenching, gut-twisting

It is hard and it hurts

It hurts to be aware

It hurts to repair these wounds I have inflicted

Not because of a conscious, malicious thought or action

But because the system I am a part of prefers my white skin,

While my brothers and sisters are immediately convicted

for the crime of being born with darker melanin

And it hurts to de-throne myself

But I know God needs to be the King

And I pray His kingdom come

I pray we Overcome our addiction to comfort

So one step at a time

We can progress

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