Closer or Farther?

News Flash – I wasn’t alive during World War II.   Seriously, my parents were just really little kids if not babies then.

But I’ve got a History minor to go with my English Major and at one point thought my life was moving towards teaching History and English.   God had other plans.

I have remained a student of history and of current events and the time we are in right now, the events that are happening now are disturbingly similar to what happened back during WWII.

The biggest difference is that the type and scope of the fighting is substantially different.    While Germany and Italy used tanks and bombs and occupied countries, ISIS and Boko Haram and their partners in crime use terrorism, car bombs, mass beheadings and sexual torture to achieve their results.

There are many disturbing similarities though……

Both are extremely violent.    Violent beyond what would be considered “normal” in war times.    Both of them have gone beyond soldier vs. soldier.   When 21 Eqyptians were beheaded on video, that wasn’t a normal wartime tactic.    That was brutal, terror driven and aiming to not only kill those people but to strike fear in the hearts of thousands if not millions.

When Boko Haram…….

When Planned Parenthood………

I could go on and on but as you know, the violence, the utter brutality and the sheer scope of it all is close to what was seen in WW II.   I’ve heard more than one news source describe this as the biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII. 

We’ve all seen the pictures of little Aylan who drowned at the age of 3 trying to get to Canada with his family.    He has relatives in Canada who were waiting and trying to help get them there.

He is one of millions who have been forced from their homes, forced from their villages by the evil that is ruining Syria, the Middle East and parts of Africa. 

We have an opportunity in the middle of this crisis.

We can reshape the image of the church.    We can rise up and be the voice for those who are voiceless.

We can speak up and protest what Planned Parenthood is doing to our unborn or in some cases just born babies.

We can speak up and urge our governments to change their policies regarding refugees from these conflicts.

We can support those who are on the front lines trying to help (at the end of this will be a link to an article Ann  Voskamp wrote with suggestions of how to help.)

We can speak up and urge our governments to stand up to the radicals that are ruining the world.

We can speak up and support our military and their sacrafices to keep us safe and to make the world safe for more.

We can do what Micah 6:8 says,  “Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.”

If we do this, our voice will be heard.

People will notice.

The church will gain relevance in some people’s eyes.   The church will have the opportunity to share God’s love with many many people.

Some will notice.   Some won’t.

But whether they do or not, that really doesn’t matter.    What matters is rather simple……

“Does our response to this tragedy put us closer or farther from the will of our Father in Heaven?”

Sittting back and saying, “Lord have mercy” doesn’t get us closer.

Doing something does.

If 10,000 families in Iceland are willing to oepn up their homes, where does that leave us?

Don’t just stand there, do something.


http://   As promised, click that link and it will take you to a place on Ann Voskamp’s site where she has a multitude of place and ways to “do something.”