Leadership and Results–Naomi Part 2

Leadership is not just dominance or speaking loudly or extraverts

It doesn’t just roar like a lion, or yell like your boss

demanding results,

Rather, it looks more like the cross

in stepping into the muck,

stepping up to God’s call

to be in the hard places,

to encourage and love others,

to testify to his hope,

and give thanks in it all.

I learned that racism is still real and ugly,

raring it’s disfigured face but always wearing a mask,

spewing poison we taste as honey

until it has been exposed for what it is 

People think we’ve come a long way,

but let’s think about that..I say

the main type of change we see

is the way things shape and take form

Cause mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow

Instead of lynching at picnics

Into the jail we throw them

But at least we have the emancipation proclamation —

True, but that didn’t shut the door

Cause slavery remains too,

Slipped on a new skin

Yet bigger than it’s ever been before

In this country of wealth,

we sell sex, we sell lies,

we sell human beings,

devaluing lives and worshipping ecstasy

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