Uncomfortable with our Comfort?

How long is it going to take?

How many news stories are we going to have to see and hear?   

How many statistics are we going to have to see?

How many lifeless bodies picked up off the shores of Turkey?  (Did you know Aylan had an aunt in Canada who was fighting to get his family to Canada?)

How many mothers crying about their black children who were murdered?

How many stories of children, children who have already been dealt many blows in life, being manipulated, harmed and had their injuries increased due to the bureacracy and failures of the child welfare system?

How many families torn apart by mental illness when many many efforts were made to get help and none was given?

How many body cam videos are we going to have to watch that show police not following their own rules?   Or that show black men reacting to the police with a lack of hope, a lack of trust and a lack of belief in a future and in fairness?

How many refugees are going to take to boats knowing they could die but feeling like they have no other choice?

How many Planned Parenthood videos are we going to have to watch, to hear about?

What is it going to take?

What is it going to take for us to get uncomfortable with our comfort?  

What is it going to take for us to say, “There’s something wrong with a world where 3 year old boys drown while adults in the United States waste money over lawsuits about the amount of air in footballs?

What’s it going to take for us to say, “There’s something wrong with a world where Iceland’s governmenbt says, “We can take 50 Syrian refugees” and Iceland’s people say,  “No, we have 10,000 people who have volunteered to open up their homes and take refugees from Syria?”

What’s it going to take?


God is talking.   He’s telling His people, “These are the “least of these.”

He’s telling people, he’s telling His people, “Look around you, everywhere you look, there are people in need.   Don’t let them be in need alone.”

“Go be me to them.”

Go make a difference.   Go across the street.    Go to the food pantry downtown.  Go to the local school.

Go help the local teen pregnancy center. (I know one if you need contacts)

Go help a family who is in the process of adopting a special needs child (I know one if you need contacts).

Go add your voice to the protest against these acts of violence.   Violence to the body, violence to the soul, violence to the unborn, violence to those who have no one.   Stand up for them.

Go share the love of Christ.   

Go be the love of Christ.

Because, to quote Bob Goff,  “Love Does.”

Let, no let’s too easy of a word, force the uncomfortable of these stories to push you out of your comfort and to make the world a better place.

And encourage and push others to do that as well.   Don’t be satsified with a Sunday that focuses on comfort and on being “okay.”   Push your church and your pastor to lean into the pain of the church and the pain of the world.   That’s when God and His Word come alive.

When we drop hold of our comfort to focus on the uncomfortable, God smiles.

When we dress up nicely and ignore what is happening, God grieves.

How long is it going to take?   

When will we, the comfortable, say, “No, I’m not okay with THEM not being okay.”

I’m not okay with the schools that teach the inner city black kids being half as good as the schools that teach the white kids in the suburbs.

I’m not okay with what Planned Parenthood does.   Not now, not ever.

I’m not okay with Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream (52 years ago last week) not being fulfilled:  

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”:


If you aren’t okay with the way it is – use that contact box on the right and let me know.    Let’s see what kind of a group we can put together and see what we can do.

Because I’m not okay with it.