Church on Facebook

I saw church last night.   

It was on Facebook.  

I believe that when Jesus said, “Wherever two or three are gathered……” He was talking about Facebook.

So, there’s this Realtor, minister and former banker guy who walk into…… no wait a minute, they live on opposite sides of the state, they can’t do that.   

But they were all on Facebook last night and a couple of things happened……

The minister and the Realtor knew a little bit about how stressful the start of a new school year can be – and how it’s even more so for kids who have been through difficult circcumstances.   

They struck up a conversation with the former banker/current adoptive dad and friend and three things happened that are how and why I saw church last night.

Thing #1 – They asked, “Hey Tom, how are you doing?” and they really meant it and took the time to listen and show that they cared.

Thing #2 – They didn’t offer “smart” phrases or quote Bible verses that would attempt to explain it all or make it all go away.   Instead they leaned in, acknowledged that they don’t know what we know and can’t fully understand the challenges of parenting adopted children.   But even though they don’t get it, they know they don’t get it but it still exists.   And they can still care about it.

Thing #3 – They pointed to the only one who has answers, encouraged us in the struggles and promised to keep us on their prayer list.

And meant it.

The church in North America would be significantly healthier if:

It took the time to ask, “How are you?” and was prepared to listen and be moved by the response.

If it realized that you don’t have to understand everyone’s problems, or solve everyone’s problems, you just have to lean in to support them in their struggles.   And everyone has struggles.   Everyone.

If it continually pointed to Jesus as the answer and the encourager in our struggle walk.

Then we”d see a bit more about what God had planned for the church.

Tom V