Four Kinds of People

It seems to me that there are four kinds of people…..

  • Don’t Know and Don’t Care – “I don’t know what is going on in your life, I don’t really care what’s going on in your life, I want to limit our relationship to the weather, sports and what is needed for me to achieve my goals.”
  • Know but Don’t Care – “I heard about your ___________ (fill in the blank with any of a multitude of different struggles) and that’s too bad.   But I’m busy and I’ve got a lot going on, so good luck with that.”
  • Don’t Know but Care – “I have never dealt with ________ so I don’t know and can’t really understand what you’re dealing with, but you are important to me and I’m sorry that you’re dealing with that.    Knowing that I don’t know, I need you to tell me what I can do to help or if you just need a cup of coffee and a chance to talk.”
  • I Know and I Care – “I’m sorry to hear about ________. we’ve experienced something similar when __________.     When we were dealing with _________, here’s what helped us.   Tell me what I can do to help you.”

Four different types of people.

Four different reactions to the struggles that we face in every day life.

I can name people that I’ve interacted with in all four types.

I’m sure we all can.

I’m sure there are different people who would put us in each of those different types at different times in life.

Life is hard.   Life is messy.  There are times when we are barely able to stay above the water and we just don’t have time for anyone else.

It isn’t possible to care deeply about every single crisis in the world, your head would explode.   So you need to listen to God’s calling.

Read God’s Word.

And then care about those He has called you to care about.

Whether you understand them or not.

It’s what Jesus would do.


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