Good People and Good Things

I’ll admit, I write a lot about struggles.  I do that for a couple of reasons…..

I write from the heart.   What I put on the page is what I’m feeling, what I’m hearing, what I’m seeing from others.   It’s not superficial, it’s not fluff, that’s not, to me, that’s not important.

So, you won’t see me writing about the Chicago Cubs or about squirrels or about snow or about funny things my kids say.   Those will show up on Facebook or Instagram – feel free to follow me there for those type of things.

But today, I want to tell you about two really good things and some really good people.

The first involves the gang at Heartline – and I call them “the gang” because even though I’ve only met one of them, I consider them all to be friends and I have a lot of respect for them.   Heartline runs a maternal child health center in Port Au Prince Haiti.   If you know anything about Haiti, you know that maternal child medical care is woefully inadequate and the number of women and children who die because of that inadequacy is staggering.

Heartline aims to change that.  They are changing that – every day for many moms and many children in Haiti.   But the need is so great that they aren’t able to help everyone who asks for help.   They quite often have to turn pregnant mothers away.

Then we move over to a “group” called Momastery led by Glennon Melton.   What is Momastery?   Go to and see for yourself.    Well, Glennon knows Tara Livesay (from Heartline) and through that connection, went to Haiti, saw the need and saw what Heartline said they could do with an expansion to their building and their organization.

And Glennon came home and dreamed.   Dreamed big.   And she and her people here decided to do what they call a Love Flash Mob and try to raise the money needed to help Heartline build their new addition.   It was, I believe, around $175,000 that they needed and they were going to do it in a 24 hour online “flash mob” of donating.

24 hours.

No gift of more than $25 allowed.

They didn’t think they would get it. 

When you’re done, go to the bottom, click on the link and see what happened.   I’ll give you a spoiler alert – not only are they building the new wing for Heartline, they are also helping a midwife in Berlin Germany who is helping pregnant Syrian refugees who have no one, nothing and nowhere to go.

God is good.

And the generosity of people restores my faith that not all people are evil, jealous, frustrating and self centered, let alone violent and liars.

Now I want to tell you about another friend of mine – her name is Jen Kroll.   Through a whole story – and I’d love to write a biography of the Krolls and their journey – they are the parents of an absolutely adorable daughter from Haiti.   A daughter with significant physical handicaps – handicaps that give her two prosthetic legs and arm braces.

Target recently ran an ad that included a little girl dressed up as Elsa (from Fr….. everyone knows Elsa right?) who had arm braces.

Jen wrote on Facebook and thanked target for taking a step towards normalizing children with disabilities – so that hopefully the next time kids see a child with disabilities, they won’t gawk and stare.

Go to the bottom and read the story about what a difference that post and Target’s ad have made.

All is not well with the world, but these are two  shining lights from this past week and I applaud them and encourage them and us to keep on changing the world.


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