Monday Night – Things I Heard

Monday night I went to a dinner.   Yes, I have dinner pretty much every night (I like food too much to skip it) but this time I “went” to a dinner.

There were three main things that I heard at that dinner.   Well, there were a lot of things – but three main things…….

Oh, did I mention that Bob Goff was the keynote speaker?  Look up if you don’t know Bob.  

Here’s the three things I learned:

“Living on the Edge of Yikes!”  God doesn’t want us to live comfortable lives.   He doesn’t want us to sit back and relax – well a little bit so we can recharge our spiritual and physical batteries.   But most of the time, he wants us out there living life on the edge.   Taking risks and sharing God’s love with others.  As he described it, “living on the edge of yikes!”

“Yikes, I don’t think I’m comfortable teaching that class.”

“Yikes, I don’t think I’d be comfortable going downtown and feeding the homeless.”

“Yikes, you want me to serve on a committee on race relations?”

“Yikes, God, are you really telling me to do THAT???????”

Those 6 words were huge  and are huge and could change the world if more of us lived and thought and followed God that way.

“Fill their bucket with love.”   Bob brought a steel bucket up on stage and one of the big points of his talk is that the best way we can tell others about God is by filling their buckets with love.   Show them you care and by showing them you care, you’ll show them God.   Oh and showing them you care means you care about them, not what they’ve done or who they are or who they want to be, you care about them, right now,

“Being a teenager is hard.”  I’m not going to tell you how many years ago I was one, but it’s been a long time.   I’ve got three children who made it through and two more who currently are teenagers.  It’s hard and when it’s hard, they need us, not only us, their parents, but us as their community to reach out, make a connection and show them that they are accepted and they have value.

The dinner was for Young Life and the stories of the differences they make were inspiriting, but……

Jesus was talking to me on Monday night.   Unfortunately I had the opportunity to do the second one last night with a friend who received some devastating news.  

May we all take a few steps closer to “Yikes!” and show God’s love to our neighbor and especially to the teenagers around us.


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