Why? Why? Why? Say What?

If we truly took time to read the newspaper, watch some cable TV and surf the internet for a while, it wouldn’t be hard.   Actually, it would be quite easy.   Depressingly easy.

What would?   To come up with “Why” questions…..

For example:

  • Why does Planned Parenthood do what those horrible videos show they do?
  • Why is ISIS doing such horrible things to people?
  • Why are there episodes of police brutality that appear to be worse against blacks than whites?
  • Why does our government feel like they need to make a “deal” with the government of a country who has said their goal is the complete annihilation of Israel?

Those are just four questions that I came up with in a very short period of time.   Given a little while longer, the list could literally be endless.

And I don’t know why.

So, I decided to turn to someone who is known as one of the wisest men in the world.   

I’m going to ask King Solomon.

Over the next month, I’m going to post a series of Bible verses from the book of Proverbs.   These are verses that have spoken to me, verses that have helped me, verses that have spoken to my heart.  Verses that have addressed the why questions and the what questions…….

While I’m posting those verses, I’m going to be writing a series of devotionals based on the book of Proverbs.   The plan is to have the book available some time in November – definitely available as a Kindle book on Amazon and maybe available in paper too.

I’m not 100% certain of the title but the tentative title is “Say What? Thoughts from Solomon on Questions in Today’s World.”

I hope you’ll join me.


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