A Reminder

That’s what going to church is.

Or at least what it should be.

Not a reminder of your past screw ups.  Not a reminder of the ways that you’ve messed up this week.

Not a reminder of what an awful mess our world seems to be (okay is.)

Or how screwed up the people who want to or do lead our governments seem to be.

Or how much better it seems that your friends on Facebook are doing than you are.

That’s not what church is supposed to be a reminder of.

Church should be a reminder.

A reminder that how you “compare” to your neighbor doesn’t matter.

A reminder that no matter how much you feel like you messed up, God still welcomes you.

A reminder that no matter how out of control your life or the world seem, God’s bigger than those problems.

A reminder that when the ground under your feet is shifting (either literally or figuratively), God’s there with a hand that holds you.   A hand that helps you up.

That’s what church should be. 

A reminder that no matter how bad things seem, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

A reminder that, as we sang in church for Thanksgiving, “God’s love never changes.”