Let’s Do Something for Veteran’s Day

I’ve been a military history buff since, well probably since I could read.   I’ve always had the utmost respect for those who have served and defended our country (or their country) and the sacrifices they have made.

In previous years, I’ve thanked some of the veterans that I know and that’s been about it.   I want to try something different this year.

I created a page on my blog called Stories From Veterans.   You can find it at http://tomvanderwell.net/stories-from-the-veterans/ .   I would like to collect a LARGE number of names, stories, dates and any other information that people would be willing to share.

I want to personalize Veterans Day.   I want to create a great big scrolling story book.   Each comment on that page will represent a story.  Some of them in great detail, some of them just a name or a date.   But every one of them will represent someone who sacrificed to make our country (or their country) what it is today.

On behalf of all of us, let’s show the Veterans and the active duty military how grateful we are.

Will you help?

Go to http://tomvanderwell.net/stories-from-the-veterans/ and add the stories that you can.   Then also share this with others and ask them to as well.



P.S. If this gets linked to on Facebook and you leave a comment there, it won’t have the same effect.   Read this and then go to http://tomvanderwell.net/stories-from-the-veterans/ and comment there.

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