6 Years But No Time at All

Tuesday, January 12 was the 6 year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  

It was a time to look back and remember.   Remember those who are no longer here on this earth.   Remember those who are here but still deal with the after effects of that horrible time.

I was reminded last night that at the 2nd Anniversary of the quake, I had asked a number of the families who brought their kids home immediately after the quake to share an update on what those two years were like.  

I had lost track of them but thanks to one of the dads (Brandon), I was able to find them.  

The stories along with a video of the homecoming of 9 of the families in Grand Rapids are at http://tomvanderwell.net/the-haiti-80-a-look-back/.   There is a LOT of data on that page, so if it loads slowly, be patient.

Enjoy the walk back down memory lane, share it with those who were impacted and have a box of Kleenex handy.

It’s been 6 years but in many ways, it’s been no time at all.


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