A Conversation……

God, what’s up?

Why have You allowed all of this pain in the world?


You’re giving us a chance?   

A chance to do what?

That?  But…….

That would be hard.

That would be messy.

That could be seriously uncomfortable.   I’ve never talked to someone with “that” before.

Come on, God, surely “they” could do it over there.   I don’t want to have to do that.

But wait…..

Yeah, I know, you did that for me.  

Yeah, I remember the real reason for Christmas.

Oh yeah, Easter, I remember that too.


But I don’t know how to start?

Love your neighbor?  Can’t I just donate money to a homeless shelter?



This is scary, God.   You promise you’ll be there to help?

I know I’ve got it good.   Help me to see how to share more of me and more of you with those who don’t know you.

While I’m scared and my hands are shaking, God, Thank you.   This feels right.   I’m sure there are times where it will feel wrong, help me to stay strong when it does.

Thanks God.   I think.

*shuffles off*