Of Sheep and Shepherds

So, I’m reading Psalm 23 this morning and I didn’t even get past the first verse……

Psalm 23:1 (The Message) “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”

I think most people who are familiar with Psalm 23 think more about the quiet waters, the green pastures, the right paths, the banquets and all of that.

We’re missing something with that.   

“The Lord”

“The Lord is”

“The Lord is my shepherd”

and therefore, I lack nothing.

Think about sheep.   When they are out in the pasture, they are sometimes in harm’s way.   There are coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, bears, cliffs to fall off of, thunderstorms where they have very little. protection.

Sheep don’t always have it easy.   

But David says,  “You are my shepherd,”

And because you are my shepherd, I lack nothing.

Because God is our shepherd, we have everything we need.

Not everything we want, but everything we need.   

When we face trials, God is there.

When we struggle with depression, God is there.

When a friend asks for help with a very difficult problem, God is there.

When those deep down personal problems and challenges that exist in almost every person in almost every family happen to you too,   God is there.

And because God is there, we lack nothing.

We probably want something – but lack nothing.

Because God is there, walking with you and with me through our pain and our struggles.

So, even if your life isn’t the green pastures right now, even if rather than quiet waters, you’re beside water that would kill you if you drank it, even if rather than a banquet, you are eating bread and water, remember and remwhere ourself, the Lord is MY shepherd.   

And the Lord is right there with you in those painful sheep like circumstance.

So, be encouraged, even when life makes it hard to be encouraged.

The Lord is My Shepherd – and yours too.


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