Traveling at the Speed of Pain

I’ve been having a lot of conversations the last couple of weeks with people who are in pain.   Pain from remembering an earthquake in Haiti that happened 6 years ago.   Pain from emotional illnesses.   Pain from relational battle scars.   Pain from losses.   Pain from mourning – mourning the loss of people but also mourning the loss of “what could have been.”   Pain from climbing mountains and finding additional mountains behind those mountains.  Pain from physical illnesses. 

It’s hard.

It’s really hard.   It’s really really hard.

Especially when there are no easy answers.   Or at least very few easy answers.

How do you get over the pain of one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the world?

Even if you weren’t there, how do you get over the ramifications of, the trauma of it, the changes it made for you and people you care about it?

It’s really beyond words.   

But then our pastor preached on the resurrection of Lazarus and the shortest Bible verse – John 11:35 – “Jesus Wept.”

I’ve always thought that Jesus was crying because he was sad that Mary and Martha and Lazarus had to go through all of “that.”

No, Jesus was weeping because He was angry.   He wasn’t angry at Lazarus, he was angry at evil and angry at death.

Satan was making life hard and painful and Jesus was mad about it.

It’s okay to get mad.

It’s okay to get angry at the evil in the world.

Don’t give up and accept it.   Get mad about it.   Put  your hand in Jesus’s hand and push back.

I can’t repair the damage of the earthquake in Haiti.   At least not for everyone, I can’t.

But I can identify the pain, I can say, “I see your hurt and I will bring you to our father in heaven.”

Name the pain, acknowledge that it’s okay for them to feel that pain.   Help them put their trust in the only one who can truly help them defeat the pain they face.

Oh and be His hands and feet wherever you can.


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