Two Words–7 Letters–New Meaning

So this past weekend, I had the privilege of reading and hearing two words.

Yes, I have a 14 year old daughter, I heard a lot more than two words, but I heard two words that changed and challenge me.

The smaller one first.   Our pastor was preaching a sermon on Psalm 90.   A rather somber one because it talks about contemplating death and the fact that what we have here isn’t eternal.

What we will have THERE will be eternal.

What he said that hit me was this, “God didn’t tell us to be thankful FOR all things.   He wants us to be thankful IN all things.”

Don’t be thankful for cancer – be thankful that God is with those who are battling that disease.

Don’t be thankful for the death of a loved one, be thankful that God has walked with them and you.

In all things – be thankful.   Not for all things.   It’s a big difference in the focus of life and the focus of our thoughts and our concerns and our worries.

God is good, (All the time).   All the time (God is good.)

The other was a blog post that was actually written a couple of years ago but given the power of social media, I just found out about it on Saturday.   If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it here.

In it, the author talks about how, so often our prayers and our prayer life consist of a daily list of things that we need help with.   “Help my presentation at work to go well.    Help Mom’s night at work to go well.   Help my brother to do well on his test.   Help Aunt Mabel to feel better.  “   A list of things that we want God to fix – too often that’s our prayers.   Boring.   Superficial.   Repetitive.

The author made a point.    What if we changed our prayers from “make it better” to “make it count?”   

“Lord, please help my presentation at work to make a difference.”

“God, please help Mom’s work tonight to make a difference for the sick babies and their parents.”

“God, please help my struggles with depression to count for something.”

“Lord, help my battle with loneliness to give encouragement to someone who needs it.”

“God, you know someone who is walking the same path I am, help me to make a difference for them.”

Take your prayer life to a deeper level.   Rather than just asking for God to make your problems go away, ask God to make your struggles count for something.

Something that matters.

Something that makes the world a better place.

Give thanks FOR everything and ask God to help you make it COUNT.

That’s a way to be a world changer.


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