“Uncomfortable” is a Word That God Uses–A LOT

Things I’ve Learned #4

Another thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years is that God uses the word “Uncomfortable” a LOT.

He doesn’t always say it.   But He uses it.

I think an entire book could be written about the ways that God has used uncomfortable to change the course of the world and change the course of his people.

Do you think Noah was comfortable building a big ship in the desert?

Do you think Moses was comfortable going to see the king of Egypt?

Do you think Esther was comfortable going to talk to the King and attempting to save the Jews?

Do you think the people who hid the Jews in Europe during WWII were comfortable?

Do you think the troops that landed at Normandy on D-Day were comfortable?

Do you think Rosa Parks was comfortable?

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. was comfortable writing in the jail in Birmingham?

Do you think Mother Teresa was comfortable?

I could go on for hours with more and more examples.   But I won’t.

What do all of these examples have in common?   Well, obviously they were all in uncomfortable situations.

But also, they all acted in their “uncomfortableness” and made the world a better place.   Sometimes a better place for one or two or three people, sometimes for larger groups of people.

God wants His people to be uncomfortable.   Because when we are uncomfortable that’s when we follow His will.   When we are uncomfortable, we lean on Him because we know we can’t do it all ourselves.   When we are uncomfortable, that’s when God can really accomplish His plan through us.

If you go back to what I wrote a couple of days ago about wearing Camo and spiritual warfare, that is actually tied very closely to being uncomfortable.

If we are comfortable where we are, then we don’t feel like the devil needs to be fought against.   That’s when he can throw in his sneak attacks and often accomplish more inside the church in the 1st World than he would if he made a frontal attack on the church.


It doesn’t feel good.

But it is good – especially when it pushes us closer to God.


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