We should all wear Camo

Things I’ve learned #2

No, I’m not advocating that we all join the Army – though I have a TON of respect for those who do serve to protect and defend our country,.

I believe we should all wear camo because whether we like it or not, we are in the middle of battle.   A spiritual battle with Satan and his forces of evil.

I’ve known all of my life that Satan was a force to be reckoned with but it’s really been the last 10 years or so when I’ve learned how deeply and how openly he hates what a Christian is and what being a Christian means.    I first saw it from my brother’s experiences.   Let me explain…..

At that point, my brother, a pastor, was planting a church out in California.   They were meeting on Sunday mornings in a movie theater and I remember getting e-mails from him week after week after month about things that would go wrong on Saturday.    Their welcome sign would break, the power would go out, the projector would break, the guitar player would get sick, the list goes on and on and on.

I might not be the smartest apple in the bunch (just compare my high school GPA’s with a couple of my kids) but it doesn’t take long to realize that something’s up.   Satan didn’t want that church to impact lives and was fighting against it.

Many of you who read this know that almost 12 years ago, we adopted our two youngest kids from Haiti.   It’s no surprise they are adopted – they certainly don’t look like us.

Well, I’m not going to because I could write for hours if not days about the specific ways that we’ve seen the devil fighting against not only the adoption of our two but many of our friends who have adopted as well.    Satan does not want these children in stable, God loving homes where healing can begin from the trauma they have gone through.

If you want to go into more detail, invite me to come talk to your bible study  or something else.   I could tell stories for hours.

We are in spiritual warfare and we are fighting against the effects of the devil.   He is using a large number of really sneaky and really brutal weapons to attempt to knock us out.

It’s a good thing that we know God is in control and we can trust in Him.

It’s a God thing that we don’t have to fight on our own.

It’s spiritual warfare and we should all wear camo to illustrate it.

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